I think next season along with rooting for the Sox, I'm also going to root for the Milwaukee Brewers. I came to this decision based on several factors.

1. The Brewers suck, so they seem like a fan worthy team.
2. They're a National League team so there won't be any inter-league complications as far as my loyalty is concerned
3. I have no idea where Milwaukee is, so maybe i might just learn something.
4. I like their hats.
5. How can you not cheer for a team named after people that make beer?


Oh well, the Red Sox didn't even come close to winning the World Series this year. Maybe last year was just a fluke. Whatever the case, there just wasn't the energy within the team like there was last year.

This might sound like heresy to some Sox fans, but I'm beginning to feel like maybe I should find another team to root for in conjunction with the Red Sox. It would have to be a National League team, and whenever they play each other, I'm gonna have to side with the Sox.

Just feel like maybe I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket


All Tied Up

Well, the Sox are again tied for first place after beating the Yanks tonight. I think it would be a safe assumption to say that it could have gone either way. Neither team's pitching really showed up, but I guess it makes sense seeing as how they could end up playing four in a row if it comes down to it, and the winner would play yet again on Tuesday. We'll see what happens this weekend.


Well, after a historical weekend the Sox came out of everything a game back as of today. I'm on the verge of losing my mind. Is it just me or is the whole "Team Mentality" that won them the series last year seem to be coming undone more and more recently? As crazy as it might sound, I'm kind of glad that I have a job where I work nights and weekends because I can hardly take what i see on SportsCenter let alone getting to see the whole game.

On another note; I have to say that "YES" is perhaps the worst network I have ever watched. Thier announcers are just so *&!@#&? biased. The Yanks can do no wrong in thier minds. NESN isn't that bad are they?


Rained Out

Well, last nights game against Toronto got rained out. This means that there's gonna be a double header today starting at one. It looks like Wakefield is gonna pitch the first game and Schilling is going to work the second one.

I'm not sure how I feel about the double-header. It's a little late in the season and theres too much on the line to have your team go out and play like nine hours of straight baseball, but I guess there's no other choice.

Due to the rain-out and the fact that the Yankees put a beating on Baltimore, the Sox slipped to a half game back in their division. I'm not entirely unhappy about this because statistically speaking, the Yanks won eight of thier last ten games and it's just a matter of time before they start losing some games, and there's not much time left.

Anyways, here are some pics of when the Sox played in Toronto last year. (Schilling pitched that night too, and we got our ass kicked!!)



Its wednesday night and I'm attempting to get this thing up and running. Soon in coming will be links, pics, and other fun stuff. Go Sox!!
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